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Information management is vital. 4TM provides solutions in third party servers -"on the cloud"- or we deploy your own instalation in existing or new virtualized infrastracture.

Back Office products:

  • » Email servers.
  • » Shared calendar and contacts.
  • » Instant Messaging.
  • » Wikis, forums and social tools.

Hosting services:

  • » VPS Basic: administration with Direct Admin Panel
    Example: [bandwidth 100GB/month, 2GB HD, from us$ 30 per year]
  • » VPS Basic Managed: Hosted in Virtual Private Servers, with managed administration
    Example: [bandwidth 100GB/month, 5GB HD, from us$ 60 per year)
  • » VPS Server: Dedicated Virtual Private Server, managed administration
    Example: [bandwidth 1000GB/month, 20GB HD, 2 IPs, from us$ 100 per year)
  • » Own Private Server: an exclusive server, managed administration
    Example: [CPU Quad Core 2.4Ghz, bandwidth 4000GB/month, 250GB SATA HD, 5 IPs, from us$ 1500 per year

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