we ARE

There are not two equal problems, nor two equal solutions. To find them we need different views, different perspectives, and different people.

That's why we build teams with independent professionals specifically chosen for each project, who provide their unique point of view and expertise.

And this flexibility is not casual: we are guided by the Open Source filosofy. Because we believe that sharing knowledge and work, with openness and creativity, we help our clients. And ourselves.

This let us move forward, grow, innovate, and most important in this business: to be always up.

We grew along with the Internet: since 1998 we develop and research new technologies.

This is why we propose new ways of doing things, using state-of-the-art technology. Our preferences are PHP, Python, Java, Oracle databases and the Open Source world.

And we are always trying to create the best relation between our clients and technology, by offering solutions recognized for their ease of use, cross platform operatibility, and excellent support to finally generate the best experience.