Oracle Database Support / we DO

Experience let us adapt to our client's needs.
And thanks to today's telecomunication quality in sync with Oracle stability we can provide a first class remote administration service.

Eventual Support:

  • » For specific or one-time tasks (instalations, tuning, backups, migrations, upgrades, data movement, partitioning, etc.)
  • » One flat rate per hour (no matter what the type of work is)

Hour price - Bussiness / Night
US$ Arg $
$22 / $32 ask

Dedicated Support:

  • » For clients who need better coverage and high response time.
  • » Includes continous monitoring, periodic reports and 50 hours of monthly support.
  • » We also provide on-site support if needed.

Monthly base price - Business / 24x7
US$ Arg $
$700 / $875 ask


  • » We provide remote and on-site Oracle Training.
  • » We adapt the training as needed (example: support-oriented vs development-oriented).

About the support work
  • » We provide a team of at least 2 dbas per client.
  • » Support 7x24.
  • » We garantee DBA availability when needed.
  • » We send periodic reports and documentation of incidents and important events.


  • » Internet connection with the client.
  • » SSH Protocol is our preferred method.
  • » Service starts with a study of the servers, databases and related applications.
  • » We install monitoring tools that allow us to detect problems and -in many cases- resolve them before they are noticed.

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